Death Taxes, Hands Up Who Wants To Pay The Maximum Possible?

I can’t see many hands up..


Talking about death, most people feel it is like speaking about sex, or disclosing what they’re using the toilet for (ones or twos). Most people are not comfortable or openly talking about death let alone taxes and death in the same sentence.


Why do you think that is?

  • If I speak about it, it could accelerate my demise

  • Why should I, I'm dead my family can sort things out

  • What have I got that is worth planning for?


Not speaking about your death and planning what to do, has a cost. This is Inheritance Tax (IHT), which is HMRC's easiest tax earner.


Imagine that, HMRC having a legal claim to all that you have worked for... 


It can run up to tens of thousands of pounds, yes tens of thousands of pounds that has to be paid within 6 months of your death. A huge payday for HMRC for doing nothing, nice work if you can get it, right...


What can you do???

There is plenty, you can do, to reduce or eliminate HMRC grabbing tens of thousands of pounds from your family. Firstly, request our FREE Death Tax Guide, by doing any of the following:

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Our FREE Death Tax Guide shows what is available and some actions you can take.  


​“Tomorrow Never Comes”

The old saying is "tomorrow never comes" this is true we can't predict events in the next few moments, only comment on what has taken place. Do you have any of the following:


  • Savings & investments

  • Homes, in the UK or broad

  • Prized possessions, even family heir looms  


Quoting another company "Good advice is Key", you not having key advice, HMRC becomes that child who is paid first. Do you want this?


 Over to You  

Now is the time to get planning, give your wealth to those that matter in your life. Don’t give HMRC the opportunity to access your wealth, believe me they will take it. 

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