1. Are you concerned about us not getting back to you?     


You don’t have to worry about one of our team not responding to your enquiry. We usually get to back to you within 24 hours by email or telephone.

2. Afraid of your enquiries not being answered?


No need to worry about your enquiries being answered as we have your best interest at heart.


 3. Feel like you’re not getting taken seriously? 


 At Alexandra Davis we respect all enquiries and wouldn’t want to waste your time if we cannot help you.


 4. Are you worried about not getting the right advice?


All advice is tailored to the clients circumstances. If we are unable to assist you on a particular area, we will say so because we believe in transparency.​​


5. Don't understand the terms and language used by my Accountant?​


We are straightforward and easy to understand at Alexandra Davis, we speak two languages, business and common sense. Our clients prefer our common sense approach it helps them to understand complex business jargon to help them make decisions they can rely on.